Sunday, January 12, 2020

Aftermarket Parts

Which one is the OEM?
One of the intents of the new 3D printer was to be able to print some aftermarket parts for my little side business. This business involves selling the plastic tips that go on nail guns. Particularly finishing nailers. This is important as these things get discontinued, such is the case for the parts in the picture. Drawing-wise, these are fairly simple to put into a program such as FreeCAD.

As with all things 3D they will need a little cleaning up. Ethyl Acetate is generally recommended for smoothing. Dichloromethane can also be used, but it's a bit nastier of a solvent and is typically reserved for industrial settings. My only time playing with DCM was for welding acrylic in graduate school, believe me, it's nasty stuff.

I'll be testing them out on customers in the coming weeks. Hopefully, they will hardly notice the difference.

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